Israel at War, 2024

In October of 2023, one evil and tumultuous event changed the lives of Israelis and the Jewish diaspora alike. Hamas once again aligned themselves against Israel and the Jewish people, and has caused immense damage and death to an already hurting people. 

We spent the past year on this blog promoting the critical importance of our young Christians developing and maintaining a heart for Israel, and it's now more important than ever. 

In the face of ongoing conflicts and warfare, the support of Christians for Israel takes on a crucial significance. We may be on the other side of the world, but the God we serve is all-powerful, and He is able to use us to protect, heal, and bless His chosen people from thousands of miles away!

Below is a guide on how Christians can contribute positively and meaningfully during these times of conflict:

1. Pray for Peace:

Engage in fervent prayer for peace in the region. Prayers for the safety and well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians can serve as a powerful tool for healing and reconciliation.

We must never underestimate the strength of our prayers, and how our Father can take them and use them in supernatural and miraculous ways.

2. Advocate for Humanitarian Aid:

Support and advocate for humanitarian aid efforts directed towards affected communities. This includes offering assistance to those displaced, injured, or otherwise impacted by the conflict. Encourage governments and international organizations to prioritize aid and support efforts that provide relief to those in need.

3. Promote Dialogue and Understanding:

Foster dialogue and understanding between different communities affected by the conflict. Encourage open conversations that acknowledge diverse perspectives and seek common ground for peaceful resolution.

Hamas does not represent all of Palestine, and these evil attacks on God's chosen land are a much more complex issue than the long-lasting land war between the two peoples. 2024 is a wonderful time to use your digital presence and personal networks to spread the word about the need for support for Israel and start powerful and impactful movements.

4. Stay Informed and Educate Others:

Stay informed about the complexities of the conflict. Educate yourself and others about the historical, political, and humanitarian aspects of the situation, striving to present a nuanced understanding to counter misinformation.

In these troubling times, the media is very untrustworthy (especially when it comes to Israel). We must remember that there is an enemy who hates Israel and can easily use the media to tarnish and slander her name.

5. Support Peaceful Initiatives:

Advocate for and support initiatives and organizations dedicated to peace-building and conflict resolution in the region. Encourage dialogue between leaders and communities to seek diplomatic solutions to the conflict.

6. Stand Against Violence and Extremism:

Speak out against violence and extremism, regardless of its source. Condemn acts of violence and terrorism while advocating for non-violent means of resolving conflicts.

7. Encourage Political Engagement:

Engage in discussions and activities that encourage political leaders to pursue policies that prioritize peace, stability, and justice for all parties involved in the conflict.

8. Support Reconciliation Efforts:

Encourage efforts towards reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. Promote initiatives that facilitate understanding, trust-building, and cooperation between the two communities.

9. Engage in Interfaith Initiatives:

Participate in interfaith initiatives that bring together individuals from different religious backgrounds. Such efforts can foster understanding, tolerance, and collaboration toward shared goals of peace and coexistence.

10. Maintain Hope and Compassion:

Above all, maintain hope for a peaceful resolution. Hold onto compassion for all affected by the conflict and continue to strive for a future where Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace and security.


In times of conflict, the support of Christians for Israel should be rooted in compassion, advocacy for peace, and a commitment to understanding the complexities of the situation. By actively engaging in efforts that promote dialogue, aid, reconciliation, and peaceful resolution, Christians can contribute positively towards alleviating the suffering caused by ongoing conflicts and work towards a future of harmony and coexistence.


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