Next Gen for Israel is a ministry dedicated to reaching and teaching young Christians about the importance of praying for and supporting the Jewish people. Gen-Z and Millennials are living in a world post-Christendom, and even for those who have found a home in the local church, mainstream theology has forgotten Israel.

We produce blog and social media material that reminds youth of Israel's divine importance, and our responsibility to always love and support them.

We encourage a very activism-oriented and intellectual generation to use their resources and knowledge to turn the discouraging trends within modern evangelicalism around and remember Israel's glorious purpose.

While the mainstream narrative uses political means to demonize those who support Israel, we respectfully encourage fellow believers to dive into Scripture and know God's incredible plans for His chosen people.

Six specific goals in our ministry to young Christians are to:

1) Teach them about the shared heritage between Christianity and Judaism: Christianity has its roots in Judaism, and Jesus Christ was a Jew. By learning about the shared heritage between Christianity and Judaism, young Christians can develop a deeper appreciation for the Jewish people and their role in history.

2) Highlight the contributions of Jewish people to Christianity: Jewish people have contributed greatly to Christianity, including the writing of the Old Testament, which forms the basis of Christian scripture, and the birth of Jesus Christ, who was a Jew. By recognizing the important role that Jewish people have played in the development of Christianity, young Christians can appreciate the value of supporting the Jewish people.

3) Educate them about the history of anti-Semitism: Unfortunately, throughout history, Jewish people have been subjected to discrimination, persecution, and violence because of their religious beliefs. By educating young Christians about the history of anti-Semitism, they can develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding for the Jewish people and the importance of supporting them.

4) Emphasize the importance of tolerance and acceptance: As Christians, we are called to love our neighbours as ourselves and to treat others with kindness and respect. By emphasizing the importance of tolerance and acceptance, young Christians can develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of cultures and religions in our world, including the Jewish people.

5) Encourage them to get involved: Finally, encourage young Christians to get involved in organizations that support the Jewish people, such as the Anti-Defamation League or the American Jewish Committee. By actively engaging in efforts to support the Jewish people, they can make a tangible difference and help build bridges of understanding and respect between different faith communities.

6) Provide gospel material as a free gift to the Jewish people: If a young Christian has a connection to someone of Jewish descent, we would like to provide them with gospel literature they can gift to them in an act of evangelism and ministry. (Click here to order free material).


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